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Why Sentinel-2 mission is crucial for environment monitoring?

Sentinel-2B successfully joined its identical spacecraft, Sentinel-2A on March 7. Commissioning phase of Sentinel-2B will start from early June. The full constellation will be ready by October 2017. Sentinel 2A and 2B are set to monitor the globe from the opposite sides. The twins will cover the Earth’s entire surface in five days. Sentinel-2 Mission is world’s largest environmental monitoring project. Sentinel-2B carries a large camera to image entire earth in visible and infrared light. The high frequency will capture brand-new views of Earth. The satellites will help scientists track changes in forest cover and water pollution. ESA plans to launch more satellites to focus on ocean data and Earth’s atmosphere. The number of satelites will go up to seven eventually A pair of twin satellites being planned that can spot iceberg movement and also monitor oil slicks and illegal logging. Copernicus program will to send out data areas hit by natural disasters. The data will help emergency teams to estimate damage and find operational lines,roads and bridges.

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