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Sentinel-2 captures devastating face of Queensland flood

March 2017. Thousands of residents in eastern Australia were forced to evacuate the place. The reason was the Tropical Cyclone Debbie. Heavy rains following Tropical Cyclone Debbie caused rivers in eastern Australia to breach their banks’ inundating roads and homes. Recent Sentinel-2 data shows the area affected by the flood. The Copernicus Sentinel-2 satellite mission captured images of an area about 120 km northwest of Rockhampton, near the Junee State Forest. The image shows sediment-filled floodwaters from the Mackenzie and surrounding rivers inundating the land on April 1.  By April 11, the waters appear to have receded. Debbie was the strongest tropical cyclone in the Australian region since Cyclone Quang in 2015. Flood crossed the eastern coast of Australia and then moved on to New Zealand. More than 650 homes across Queensland were deemed uninhabitable because of the flood.