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Ordnance Survey Leading the Change in National Mapping

Nigel Clifford, CEO, Ordnance Survey talks about Ordnance Survey leading the change in National Mapping

It’s a complicated chain of activity.

Have got 270 surveyors in open.

Change is captured through aerial imagery.

Aircrafts capture data that is reviewed and stored in core dataset.

Collect Geospatial data ourselves

Work closely with local government colleagues.

Work with local govts when it comes to spotting changes.

Incorporate changes into the geospatial data.

For address data, work with local Government agencies.

Government agencies help identify changes on ground.

The company is open to working with others.

Maintaining quality of data presented to customers is a concern.

There is a base layer called the master map.

Other layers like water or transport put on top of base layer.

Points of interest like banks, supermarkets put on the map.

Individual components like walls, hedges and boundaries are layers on the map.

Where we want to get to.

Move from being enterprise grade to corporate grade to Consumer grade.

We sold 1.9 million paper maps last year.

Now we provide free Digital maps with paper maps.

Set up the ‘Geovation hub’.

Hub to bridge the gap between large companies and small organizations.

Providing map based products increasingly as a service.

The support we provide is online.

Have got 350 business partners.

Provide support as partner organization.

We don’t want to get into consultancy.

It’s the partnering model for content.

Our content is Great Britain.

Have got an open partner programme where people can join and participate at different levels.

Have licensing model with initial free period and then charge.

Want to work with innovators and pioneers.

Number of internal studies on public investment and public return.

26 billion pound worth of business in UK is dependent on Geospatial data.

Some by competition, some by partnering, some by supplying.

We have 270 surveyors making 10000 changes a day.

Proud to be part of education initiatives.

There is more awareness now.

People got used to seeing geospatial data on their mobile devices.

Involved in trying to raise the awareness of geospatial.

We have seen lot of change over 24 years.

Set up Ordnance Survey International to help national, city mapping agencies.

Funding streams are governments, businesses, partner community and consumers.

Govts fund 55 to 60% of the cost of Ordnance Survey.