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NGA – Moving towards unclassified GeoInt

Listen to the GeoBuiz Exclusive with Sue Gordon, Deputy Director, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).

Here are the questions we have asked her:

  1. In your recent address to the Briar Woods High School class of 2015, you said “I’ve built things that were more unbelievable than the stuff in sci-fi movies.”. Can you give an unclassified example that highlights the use of geospatial and other allied technologies?
  2. In a recent piece on merging unclassified GEOINT data with public domain , you were quoted on GEOINT Services, “how we expose our content in a way that allows it to be used.” So the question is what really is the plan related to GS and how is NGA making the content actionable
  3. You also said “industry can help us with analytics, not just more sources of data”. Why did you see this change coming? How are you planning for it?
  4. You threw this word to your colleagues this April, ‘GEOINT-able’. What exactly you mean by this?  How different and unique is this term?
  5. The IC Geospatial Ecosystem aims to bring in the aspect of data integration – which currently happens in hours or days to matter of matter of seconds. Again, are we talking of some Avengers like sci-fi scenario here? What really is it? How is it possible?
  6. In your open letter to the NGA workforce, you spoke about the need for “timely acquisition of the right technologies, data, and services”. What was the need for this letter? How did it impact the current set-up and workflow?
  7. You also urged NGA personnel to do the courses “Agile 101 and Agency Orientation toward Agility”. Can you give a brief on to them, on the new workflows? And how are they aimed at improving the NSG’s Acquisition Strategy?
  8. You said in one of your previous interviews, that NGA needs a new perspective, when it comes to working with industry partners. What kind of change do you envisage for NGA to thrive? Were you able to bring in that change?