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We need to explore the data that already exists, says Barbara Ryan

In an exclusive interview with GeoBuiz, Barbara Ryan, Director, Group on Earth Observations talks says that the data which already exists need to be explored first. For some of the data gaps there are some data that exist to fill those gaps. We need to explore the data that already exists. By discussing with the users about their specific data needs we can tailor more specific data gaps. We need to get together for a better understanding of each other’s role and responsibilities and ongoing efforts. We need to reach out to a little bit more than we have done in terms of collaboration especially in developing countries. The geospatial community needs to work more closely with developing countries to help refine investment to get more pay off. We are advocating those investments that have been made by the taxpayers and that they are entitled to the information. The private sector is coming to the table in times of need by opening up additional data from their archive. The true innovation is going to happen with small and medium-sized enterprises and the commercial sector. We need to recognize that they have a different role in this ecosystem. Right now we are not using government resources efficiently. Government agencies selling data to other government agencies is not good use of the taxpayers’ money. Yes open data is linked with open government. Governments and government entities are here for one purpose — to serve the public good, to serve the taxpayers and the citizens. It’s a start to open up data within national boundaries. GEO is advocating that we need to go much broader if we are going to address the SDGs. We live in a world where you just can’t prevent everything from happening. The benefits that will come from more open data will far outweigh the risks of a few. people doing some bad things with that information. Privacy of individuals must be protected. We are looking at conglomerations of data that cannot be pinned to any one person and their actions. Citizens’ actions that are having an impact on our globe need to be monitored. Trends for open data are different for different countries. Open data is one of the big challenges for all governments of the world. Countries could do a better job in making their data available.