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Location Based Advertising in Online, Mobile ads and for Media

Location Based Advertising and marketing in online, mobile. Location context for media organizations and agencies – a discussion

  • The Panelists in this discussion:
    • Magid Abraham, Executive Chairman, ComScore Inc
    • Dipanshu Sharma, CEO, xAd
    • Shrikant Pathak, Media & Information Services, Tata Consultancy Services
  • Moderator: I.J.Hudson

Here are the key points from the discussions

One Media & Broadcasting Industry

  • industry is morphing from a B2B to B2C industry – is an untapped potential
  • Large News aggregators are able to provide customized news items to users based on predictive models based aided by
  • Watching your behavior is able to source relevant content – this is called relevancy
  • Branded content, predictive models are some areas where industry will increasingly focus on

Location context in Ads

  • Adding to a targeting system to online can increase value of 4x
  • Having based on where you go is very much possible today
  • Value creation, relevancy of is very much important and it completely changes by using

Location context in Mobile Apps

  • Location consumption today- More data is shared in a safe way, more intelligent systems we will be able to create
  • is the next thing after
  • ecosystem is provides a way to do of that was never possible before

Privacy context

  • is an area that the online need to address when integrating context with kind of data
  • Would you delete mobile that track your location? Is the question you need to ask.
  • It is important to realize that consent given by user to the mobile owner provides enhanced value to the user
  • – Everything that can be known of people is already known

Business Aspects