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Know how is Big Data and Cloud Affecting Geospatial Technology

In an Exclusive interview with GeoBuiz, James Steiner, Vice President, Server Technologies, Oracle explains how is big data and cloud affecting geospatial

Cost, agility, ability to reduce labour and elastic infrastructure are key drivers of the global cloud market. Cloud technology allows people to create micro services that create a level of agility. Traditional vendors are entering into the cloud market. Oracle’s cloud services are becoming more componentized . Actual movement of geospatial analysis and the geospatial processing in the cloud is happening a bit more slowly . The movement to cloud services in some of the largest enterprises is beginning tosa happen. Elasticity, the ability to consume on demand, grow as you need purchase as you need and pay-as-you-go are primary benefits of cloud. The cloud is essentially the platform for the Internet of Things. IOT is the fuel to the raw material for analytics and the big data environment. Unstructured data and curetting it into cloud storage are two different things. You may want to keep the unstructured data to retain its original form. The relationship between big data and geospatial technology is extremely intimate. Rich set of geographic information allows us to do very sophisticated geoprocessing of big data