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ISRO to fire up ‘scramjet’ engine model for testing

ISRO to fire-up ‘scramjet’ engine model for testing
India: Indian space agency, ISRO is planning to test fly a small model of what is called a ‘scramjet’ engine this month. If the testing succeeds, the engine can be used to put satellites and other systems to space in a much more efficient manner.
The specialty of the ‘scramjet’ engine is that it ‘inhales’ air from the atmosphere and uses its oxygen to burn. In turn it pushes the vehicle and helps to release the satellite in it to space. Regular launchers now carry liquid oxygen or an oxidiser to fire the engine.
If it works, the model can be proved reliable to conventional rocket systems that use liquid or cryogenic systems.
In the upcoming experiment of the air breathing technology, a small model of a scramjet engine will be flown on the experimental Advanced Technology Vehicle to a certain distance in space and ignited. The ISRO expects to sustain the engine for five seconds this time.