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ISRO soon to launch GSLV-MK-II and GSLV-MK-III

ISRO is preparing for two launches in the next two months from Sriharikota. Two launches include GSLV-MK-II and GSLV-MK-III. GSLV-MK-II and GSLV-MK-III launches are based on cryogenic technology. ISRO has successfully ground tested Cryogenic Upper Stage for GSLV-MK-III on January 25, 2017. GSLV-MK-II will carry 9 satellites. GSLV-Mk-III rocket will carry the 3.2 tonne payload. The vehicle consists of two solid strap-on motors, one earth storable liquid core stage and cryogenic stage upper stage. GSLV-Mk-III rocket is the next generation vehicle of ISRO. With this development, India is the sixth nation who have mastered the complex cryogenic technology.

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