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INTERGEO 2015- Microsoft unveils UltraCam Eagle prime


  • Increased PAN frame image footprint of more than 23,000 pixels across the flight strip
  • Maintained maximum frame rate of 1.8s with bigger footprint
  • Expanded storage capacity to 8TB
  • Reduced weight and power consumption
  • Four different focal lengths: 80mm, 100mm, 120mm

So, Microsoft is attending Intergeo. And the company introduced an updated version of its UltraCam Eagle Prime camera at the conference. This improved version would give UltraCam customers better operational efficiencies, made possible through an enlarged PAN image footprint. The camera’s storage capacity has been increased, and its weight has been reduced. What’s more, UltraCam would now consume less power. Microsoft is offering the ultra-large format camera in four different focal lengths. This makes Eagle Prime an ideal solution for a large variety of applications, including lower-altitude engineering and high-altitude orthophotography projects. The cam goes on sale in February next year.