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Innovation comes with competition and opportunities, believes Pacome Revillion, CEO, Euroconsult

We are in breakthrough of innovation period that comes with competition and opportunities. There will be continuous growth in revenues and data. The addition of new satellites will enhance new constellation that will bring much more data and services. New constellations are coming in both types of markets. Getting new customers to make the industry grow will come through analytics and easy to use solutions. Next two to five years will be a critical period. Imagery market has to head towards commoditization. Many companies will have to reorganize themselves internally to address new verticals opportunities. I think product and technology lifecycles in satellite industry is shortening. One of the issues remains that part of this industry is mentored by government. For big business players one of their big priorities is to sell and add value to their existing key customers. Vertical integration, developing platforms to access data in a much easier way and building imagery archive are other priorities. Developing new relationships with new players in the analytics data environment will be important. Video will have to find market for real applications. Small satellite is a trends it can be cheaper and very efficient. With small satellite we will have more solutions addressing different data requirements. Small satellite will be more of diversity. With the increasing number of satellites, imagery market will change decision making process. Cheaper sensors in orbit can be sources of information and fresh data which is an important trend. Partners form geospatial world can be a bridge. Euroconsult is helping players to develop and work together. Euroconsult has been helping decision makers to make decision, understanding new opportunities and solutions. Euroconsult is helping investors to figure out what business model will make sense.