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How IBM is using Geoinformation as part of their workflow explains Tony Boobier of IBM Analytics

In an exclusive interview with GeoBuiz Tony Boobier , Worldwide Executive, IBM Analytics explains, how IBM is using Geo information as part of their workflow

Geoinformation plays an important role in big data which helps understand location

Weather companies help us to understand the different types of data for better business insight

IBM takes information from multiple external sources

Insight as a Service means that organizations are ready to obtain information from capabilities which are not in their premises. Location is a critical element

Perfect location can be obtained only by its convergence with other data

Big Data obtained from multiple devices around the world enables to have complete picture of the weather

Big data can be used in insurance, financial and retail sector.

IoT is the source of multiple unstructured data which when put together with structured data gives much holistic picture

Social media will be useful in Big Data Analytics for geospatial

Social media helps to understand consumer sentiments

Social media, location and time are key attribute for much deeper insight.

There are many tools to analyse unstructured information for better insight

Cloud is a critical element for storing and analysing large amount of data

Individuals, organizations and governments will place certain restrictions on the amount of information available.

Democratization of information is one important ethical question