Hexagon India – Empowering Digital India for a better tomorrow


India is changing; the reverie of digitalization is now becoming a certainty. To meet the expectations of its smart citizens, the government is placing a huge emphasis on the smartness of the nation, renovating its railways, roadways, defense and connectivity infrastructure. In this phase of changing India, Hexagon is playing a big part with a huge investment to foster the growth of different business models, be it an industrial division or the public safety division or the Geosystems division of Hexagon. Hexagon India is committed to leverage digital solutions to fundamentally change the way business is done. It intends to create a connected ecosystem by widening its horizon and engage with some of the top development projects in India. Be it Dam monitoring, utility detection, Mine management, Hydrography, Railways development, land management or making the nation smart by supporting its smart cities dream.

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How Hexagon is shaping change in India