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Greg Scott talks about UN-GGIM

Greg Scott

Inter-Regional Advisor, Global geospatial information management, New York

Sustainable development goals are important global policy agenda that we are going to see over the next 15 years

UN GGIM has worked diligently to ensure that member states understand the need for using geospatial information

Global indicator framework has emerged parallel to sustainable development goals

SDG indicators will require inputs from geospatial and earth observation communities

UN GGIM sits on expert group led by Denmark

A lot of data that we derive comes from Earth Observations

Have been working closely with Group on Earth Observations

Short time frame was a challenge in Sustainable development agenda

Indicator framework is in its final stages

A lot of data has to be generated from scratch

UNGGIM has to work closely in member states to provide guidance on process and methods

Will have an annual reporting mechanism

Unlike MDG’s, Sustainable development agenda is very cost cutting, inclusive and wide spectrum

17 sustainable development goals cover many things from climate to poverty to urbanisation

Science and technology are key contributors to the process