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Google Plus Codes: A Geocoder for locating unaddressed

Google has just made easy identifying hard-to-find locations across the globe. Google Search and Maps are now updated with support for Open Location Code or Plus Codes. These simple strings are made up of six or seven letters and numbers that act as a geocoder. They will prove quite handy for finding locations that don’t have specific street addresses. Rasťo Šrámek, Software Engineer, Google Maps made this announcement on the Google Maps blog.

Not just that, these codes are also helpful in places which have a high population density, but poor data accuracy. And, of course, for places that lack a specific addressing system altogether, Plus Codes will help everyone from business to disaster response organisations. This is especially true for places like Kathmandu in Nepal. Even though the city has a population of around 1 million people, most roads have no names and houses have no street numbers. You just cannot navigate without local knowledge.