Google Earth gets a new look just a few days before Earth...

Google Earth gets a new look just a few days before Earth Day


On Tuesday, Google launched a totally reimagined Google Earth just in time for Earth Day 2017 on April 22. It now includes stunning satellite imagery and brand new photographs of the planet.On opening the software, users are met with a view of the Earth from orbit. Users can now explore the planet with interactive stories, use 3-D navigation, and more. Users can search for a location of choice, or use new features to explore areas they have never seen before. ‘Knowledge cards,’ provides users with information about a wide variety of places. The ‘Voyager’ feature enables people to be guided on interactive stories told by experts from partners like BBC Earth, Nasa, Sesame Street, and the Jane Goodall Institute. The newly installed ‘Feeling Lucky’ feature randomly selects one of 20,000 less well-known locations around the globe. The new-look Google Earth lets people get a close-up look of the planet from their computers, smartphones or tablets. It is currently available now on Chrome or on Android and will arrive on iOS devices later this year.