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Geospatial Hall of Fame: Celebrating incomparable leaders

These are the living legends of our industry. The pioneers whose passion, vision, knowledge, leadership, and business acumen have brought our community closer to the core of human lives and endeavours. Each of these individuals represent the uniqueness, the innovativeness and the diversity of the geospatial industry, which has become vital to every business and individuals today. In a world where location is becoming fundamental to all decision making, these individuals have not only taken our industry to new heights, but in the process have also touched the common man who doesn’t even know what ‘geospatial’ means!


We are inspired by their infinite urge for innovation, their endless resilience, their unshakeable faith in their abilities, and that single-minded goal of making the world a better place. We salute these extraordinary leaders who broke all barriers and did the impossible – taking geospatial technologies out of the research lab and bringing it to all spheres of life.


Geospatial Media has curated the ‘Geospatial Hall of Fame’ to pay our gratitude to the pioneers and founding fathers of our industry.