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TOP 5 Geospatial ready countries in the World

According to an exclusive study done by Geospatial Media and Communications
Developed countries lead the geospatial readinesss index. It means the geospatial infrastructure in these countries is well established.

These are the top 5 countries in Geospatial readiness index

1. USA- Known as the land of innovation and most of the geospatial technology product innovation is predominant here

2. United Kingdom- Location, a key component of geospatial ecosystem is being adopted in every industry segment for both civil and government use

3. Netherlands- One of the first country to establish a cloud-based web portal for real-time satellite data access

4. Canada- Riding high on open data policies, standards, institutions to promote strong geospatial uptake

5. Germany– Driven by the geospatial hardware industry, the German geospatial industry continues to grow and shows no sign of slowing down

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