Antarctica’s LarsenC ice shelf could break off any moment now


Crisis looms over Antarctica.
All eyes are on Antarctica’s LarsenC ice shelf as a deep crack continues to cut across the ice, leaving a huge chunk clinging on by a mere thread. The Larsen C ice shelf is hanging by a thread and could break off at any moment now.

When it eventually gives way, one of the largest icebergs on record will be set adrift.

The LarsenC ice shelf is hanging by a thread and could break off at any moment now. As documented by scientists at Project MIDAS the speed of the crack has increased dramatically in the past few months. Along with this, Two Sentinel-1 radar images from 7 and 14 April 2017 were combined to create interferogram that shows the growing crack in Antarctica’s Larsen-C ice shelf. A mere eight miles now separates the leading tip of the 88-mile-long crack and the ice front. In just 6 days between May 25 and May 31, 2017, the crack has grown an additional 11 miles. This is the largest jump since last 6 months. The break has now fully breached the zone of soft ‘suture’ ice originating at the Cole Peninsula. The event will fundamentally change the landscape of the Antarctic. The peninsula will lose the area almost equivalent to Trinidad and Tobago or twice the size of Rhode Island and be among the largest icebergs ever recorded. Its health has implications for other ice in the region too. And, of course, rise in sea levels globally.