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GeoBuiz Live 28 July, 2015

In this show:

  • GeoBytes with Bhanu
  • GeoBuiz Exclusive:Mladen Stojic, President, Hexagon Geospatial
  • INSPIRE_GWF talk by Hinnerk Gildhoff, Lead, SAP HANA Spatial ,SAP, Germany


  1. Hi! This is so fascinating to see a Political Leader passionate and committed about his job in serving communities like Martin. I do agree that one day presentation of beautiful maps in not enough, and that one must have goals that everyone understand, but the challenge is that many political heads are very busy to be committed and knowing the power of spatial data in decision making, problem solving, resources allocation, emergency response, etc, especially in a municipal setup. What is the best way to grab their attention and lobby for their commitment into the use of this powerful tool?