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GeoBuiz LIVE 25 June,2015

Join GeoBuiz Live for GeoBytes with Bhanu – your daily news of geospatial news. Also join the panel discussion on Advancing County Management with Geographic Information.

Background to the Panel – County GIS

Cities and counties are the foundational blocks of governance in a country. The availability and accessibility of geographic information at the county level is critical for effective governance and in turning them into hubs of economic activity.

The panel discussion ‘Advancing County Management with Geographic Information’ will examine how counties in the country have achieved operational efficiencies, productivity gains and increased citizen-satisfaction by incorporating spatial data and GIS applications across departments.

Join the Panelists

  • Srinu Ratnala, Deputy General Manager, Cyient (In person)
  • Apollo Teng, GIS Manager, Montgomery County (maryland) Government
  • Yoko Myers, Technical Lead, Enterprise GIS Group, County of Los Angeles

Talking Points for the Panel of your interest

  • Importance of geographic information for effective governance at the county level
  • How are the counties/your county incorporating and utilising geographic information and GIS?
    • Departments using geographic information in your county and how?
    • How has this improved operations across county?
  • Is the county making geographic information accessible and sharable between different departments?
    • Is there any effort to create an enterprise spatial data infrastructure?
    • If yes, how is it benefiting? If not, do you see the need?
  • Spatial data and Services for improving governance
  • Collaboration between cities and counties in the state/region
  • Spatial data interface for public use
  • Is there any measurable ROI after implementing GIS?
  • Smart city is the buzzword today. Efforts in turning the cities under your county into smarter cities
  • Availability of GIS personnel at county level