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Need to have a focussed offering for NewSpace market, says Antrix Chairman

Interview with Mr. S. Rakesh, Chairman and Managing Director, Antrix Corporation Limited

Q. As the commercial arm of ISRO, what is your outlook on the demand for space-based technologies in India and worldwide?

Antrix is the commercial arm of ISRO and has the responsibility of leveraging on the technology and products of Indian space program to generate revenue for the government. If you look at the space scenario today, there are a lot of changes happening. We are in the middle of a transformation in terms of technology and applications, and there is a growing demand both in India and abroad for space-based technologies. We believe that Antrix has a very important role to play in these times in making space-based technologies available to the Indian industry to capitalise on their strengths so that the knowledge and technologies that are available with ISRO are exploited in a better way – both to solve the needs of the country and create revenue for the government. Today, we have a great opportunity for commercializing the technologies and monetizing it due to the developing market in India. Towards this, Antrix has embarked on an active interaction with ISRO to identify specific technologies, address some of the policies and bring market information to ISRO and Department of Space. We have been engaging consultants to analyze the market, specifically the Indian market, to tell us what is happening and use this market information to translate into products and services for future.