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FIFA World Cup Stadiums as seen from space

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Hosting the World Cup, like the Olympic Games, encourages plenty of developmental changes in the host countries with several stadiums and support infrastructures being constructed and renovated ahead of the events. The FIFA World Cup this summer is no different and Russia has invested heavily in building new stadiums and refurbishing existing facilities for the football’s showpiece tournament. Accurate satellite imagery is crucial to designers, surveyors, engineers and architects at every stage of the World Cup project. It improves decision making and assessment from the initial planning through to the final completion. It allows to visualize and evaluate the impact of a construction on the surrounding environment, to work with much greater control over cost and quality, and to easily test and adapt the designs to the client’s needs. Deimos Imaging and its partners monitored the construction and refurbishing of the 12 stadiums to be used during the FIFA World Cup 2018 from space!

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Video Courtesy: Deimos Imaging