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exactEarth launches advanced equatorial AIS satellite

  • Securely transmitted Satellite AIS data enables customers to monitor their area of interest
  • exactView is a complete data services business solution
  • The filtered AIS data is rapidly distributed
exactEarth, the leading provider of Automatic Identification System or AIS data services, has successfully launched the AIS satellite, exactView-9 (EV9). With this launch, exactEarth has expanded its exactView global vessel-monitoring constellation to eight in-orbit satellites. The satellite orbits around the equator every 97 minutes providing expanded and detailed coverage to the busy tropical shipping regions of the world. The equatorial region contains some of the world’s densest shipping areas, making it essential to have a satellite AIS technology, that can deliver high detection performance serving this region’s customers. EV9, in combination with the other satellites in the constellation, delivers updates at least once per hour of vessel identity, location and a wide range of the equatorial region.