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DigitalGlobe Maps API in collaboration with Mapbox

DigitalGlobe has been providing satellite imagery to governments and tech giants like Google and Nokia for long now. But, it never really focused on smaller players and start-ups.

DigitalGlobe’s collaboration with Mapbox is going to change that. The company will now cater to the growing community of location-aware app developers with a new product called DigitalGlobe Maps API. The subscription-based service will allow developers to embed satellite imagery, maps and other geospatial content into mobile and web apps. Two versions of the maps will be up for grabs. One will have the most current imagery. And the second will a premium base map of colour-corrected, cleaned-up images. Company CEO Jeffrey Tarr is positive that this new product will also allow DigitalGlobe to unlock a large customer base and expand its Location Based Services business.

Interested in the beta? You can get a great introductory offer price of $1 per 1,000 views!