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Know about Zenith35 Pro by GeoMax

Full spectrum of satellite signals, unlimited connectivity and with the unique Tilt and Go functionality.This is Zenith35 Pro by Geomax. Zenith35 Pro is an upgraded model of Geomax’s GNSS system that ensures ultimate reliability even in challenging environments.
The device comes with 555 channels that supports all satellite systems and frequencies. It has the Wi-Fi facility too that allows you to connect the device to your mobile or laptop that helps to download the data easily.For precise accuracy the Zenith 35 pro has inbuilt radio facility that allows to work in the radius of 3 to 4 km. In static mode Zenith35 Pro gives the accuracy of 3 mm vertical and 3.5 mm horizontal. Zenith35 Pro is EASY TILT&GO device that measures hidden points with tilted pole, verticality with Precise electronic bubble
The device is quit compatible, water and dust proof and shock protected.