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Bonn – Geobusiness Region is the Geospatial Business Hub of the year 2014

Geospatial World has recognised Bonn – Geobusiness Region in Germany as the Geospatial Business Hub of the year 2014.

The Bonn – Geobusiness Region, Germany has developed into one of the leading GIS capitals of Europe, with a world-leading GIS industry and research competence. It proudly boasts of the single largest concentration of geo-allied businesses anywhere in Europe and the world. The Bonn Geographical Institute is part of Geoverbundes and is an alliance of universities RWTH Aachen, Bonn and Cologne and the Research Centre Jülich. The university hosts one of Germany‘s largest GIS clusters including the GIS technology center. The geographic information initiative Bonn / Rhein-Sieg / Ahrweiler in a decade of its existence has been an important driver for the development of the IT hub of Bonn for the geoinformation industry.

The vision of the administrators – and the policies they framed for the development of the Geobusiness region, have very effectively boosted the growth of the geospatial industry by providing an apt business environment that has fostered the global geospatial technology companies to establish offices and development centers and adding to the development of the global geospatial industry.