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Bryn Fosburgh, VP, Trimble talks about geospatial growing from horizontal to vertical markets

Geospatial business concentrating on professional services

Integrating across workflow improves productivity and quality in specific industry segments

Geospatial going from horizontal service to vertical markets

As you expand, geotechnologies will touch more vertical markets

This helps geospatial industry grow as a total market

Non-traditional players gives more opportunity to people who need geospatial data

Google Earth opened the ability for many people to use location based services

Customers need integration of solutions

Cooperation needed among traditional service providers

Industry providers must provide integration across the workflow

As industry focuses on vertical markets, collaboration becomes important

Collaboration improves productivity and quality

Integration of customer in the workflow is driving the collaboration

Manufacturers have to look at how to make solutions more connected

Technologies coming from the consumer world drive themselves into professional world

Looking at technologies that are mixed realities for gaming industry and other applications

There is demand for collaboration in personal life

Demand for collaboration is needed in professional workplace

Consumer market is becoming a non-traditional player

How do we adapt consumer offering into a professional offering

Surveyors are first to adopt GPS, GNSS

Surveying industry wants more and more technology to actually drive that productivity
Wide spread adoption of technologies in Australia, Europe, North America

Adoption is quite low in developing markets

Penetration of construction market is quite low

Different penetration levels not only by industry but also by geography

Our solutions provide a productivity advantage

Whether I have lot of work or no work, I can improve my bottom line by having technology products

Macroeconomic effects impact potential sales

There is still strength in parts of North America

Trimble is focussed on localization within China

From a macroeconomic perspective, we are still looking at how do I define a workflow for a particular industry

How do we go to a major project and be their technology provider on that project

How customers can use Trimble and other technologies to improve the delivery of their project

Collaboration is the key at Trimble Connect

How do we integrate a workflow in vertical or horizontal construction

All stakeholders get a view of other stakeholders

They can edit what they have control over but cannot modify somebody else’s work

It also provides productivity advantage as the workflow is integrated

Ecosystem is important

Creating an ecosystem where all stakeholders can participate is one of the biggest changes in the industry

Trimble believes in franchise businesses

We are unique as a company and provide the broadest range of solutions

Our strength has been where the work is performed

Have strong position in building construction, heavy civil construction

Have strong position in geospatial as an industry and geospatial as a technology

Our diversity is in strength across the workflow

Our technology provides significant productivity advantage