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Apple Maps transit data added on iOS 10 for Japan

US: To provide the Apple Maps users with transit data, the Cupertino-based tech giant is adding the much-needed transit data for more and more locations. In addition to that the company also confirmed the upcoming major iOS update is going to add transit data for Japan to Apple Maps.

The company on its official Japanese website wrote, it said that the local transit data will be added for Japan to Apple Maps with iOS 10. The upcoming major update is scheduled to be released later this year in the fall.

This is going to further expand the transit data feature’s reach into one of the most lucrative markets for Apple. The addition of this feature has been announced by Apple on the Japanese version of the preview page for iOS 10.

Apple Maps transit data feature is currently available in major metropolitan areas of the United States as well as in select cities of Brazil, Australia, China, Canada, Germany, Mexico, and England. It’s likely that this feature might only go live in Tokyo initially.