The China way: Use of technology to combat Covid-19

By mustering resources at its disposal and deploying the latest technology, China has mitigated the effects of COVID-19 to a significant extent and profiled...

Geospatial tech critical for building a sustainable world

We cannot address tomorrow’s problems with today’s tools. The growing complexity of social, economic and environmental challenges requires us to embrace geospatial technologies and...

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5 Ways to drone help in COVID-19video

Five ways drones are used to battle COVID-19

In their battle against the Novel Coronavirus, humans are increasingly using drones. Around the world, drones are being deployed to limit physical...

How geospatial technologies can help combat COVID-19

GIS plays an important role in mapping a disease outbreak and tracking its spread. Satellite imagery enables decision-makers to monitor the infrastructure required for...

What are the technology trends and business directions in geospatial industry?

As we usher in the fourth industrial age, the geospatial industry ecosystem is leveraging and enhancing its value to larger IT and...