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Virtual Reality trends to transform the automotive space

Virtual reality or VR is advancing at a fast pace. The advent of virtual reality technology has transformed the way we live, work, and...

Can businesses effectively work around privacy concerns in the autonomous era?

I recently had the opportunity to join the TC Sessions on Enterprise organized by TechCrunch. I was...

Autonomous driving: A distant dream or an imminent reality?

The technology necessary to enable self-driving vehicles is evolving at an extremely high speed, but there are still multiple challenges in the...

VC firm Space Angels creates a job portal for space sector

Space Angels, a New-York based venture capital firm that focuses on investments in space sector, has launched a new portal that helps space companies...

AI to play key role in automation of indoor mapping: MazeMap

The company uses AI and Machine Learning to automate the production and maintenance of indoor maps and to ensure that these maps match with...
global warming cities 2050

Interactive map shows how global warming will impact cities by 2050

While increase in global temperatures in the near future is an inevitability predicted by many, Crowther Lab’s interactive map shows how global...

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