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An Intersection of Art and Science on the Space Station

The Window Observational Research Facility ( WORF) Rack is a unique facility designed for use with the US Lab Destiny Module research quality window....

June 2018 the 5th hottest on global record: NOAA

Global warming is increasing at an alarming pace and posing a dire threat to human survival on the planet. There have been reports that...

NASA scientist reveals new insights into Earth’s Future Climate

A NASA scientist's final scientific paper, published posthumously this month, reveals new insights into one of the most complex challenges of Earth's climate: understanding...

Digital construction – BIM, cloud computing, reality modeling, AI and so...

“We often confuse between digital construction and digital engineering, but a difference exists. Digital construction depends on digital engineering activities that are carried out...
@WildfireSignal Tracking System

Descartes Labs brings @WildfireSignal Tracking System live on Twitter

Seeing is believing and visualization through the medium of satellite images can help you monitor any event real time. But what can make it...
internal displacement

Copernicus satellite imagery monitors internal displacement in Afghanistan

Protracted conflicts lead to widespread devastation and displacement of people from their town and cities. Internal displacement of hapless people is a common feature...
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Collabrative Business Models

Geospatial World Magazine May 2017: Collabrative business models