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Please read the following Copyright Agreement carefully. On submitting an Article / Paper for Publication to Geospatial World, you confirm, acknowledge and agree expressly to the terms and conditions of this copyright agreement. This copyright agreement prevails and is binding to the contributing Author(s) and Geospatial Media and Communications.

AUTHOR(s) COPYRIGHT AGREEMENT with Geospatial Media and CommunicationsAGREEMENT:

The Primary Author (henceforth referred as AUTHOR) having submitted the article/ paper (henceforth referred as ARTICLE) and Geospatial Media and Communications (henceforth referred as PUBLISHER), for publishing the ARTICLE on any and all of its platforms, namely – Website(s), Portals, Print magazines, Conference Proceedings of all conferences organized by the publisher (henceforth referred as PUBLICATION PLATFORMS), hereby agree that:

1. The AUTHOR hereby warrants that; s/he is the author of the submitted ARTICLE and all parts thereof; the ARTICLE and associated materials are original; the AUTHOR has consulted all the Co-Authors of the submitted ARTICLE and the submission is with full consensus of all the authors; the ARTICLE does not infringe any copyright, proprietary right or any other right of any third party; and the AUTHOR is the sole owner of the ARTICLE.

2. The AUTHOR warrants that they/he/she has/have not transferred any rights of the ARTICLE to third parties, which would be in conflict with this agreement; the ARTICLE has not been previously published anywhere including any publication or conference proceedings or material, and the ARTICLE is not under consideration with any other party for publication, except as follows:

3. The AUTHOR grants the PUBLISHER complete rights to publish, copy, distribute, display, store and sell the ARTICLE on any of its PUBLICATION PLATFORMS for fulfilling the organizations goals. These rights to publish, copy, distribute, store and sell are perpetual, worldwide, irrevocable and free of royalty.

4. On publication of the ARTICLE on any of the PUBLICATION PLATFORMS of the PUBLISHER; the AUTHOR needs to seek prior written permission from the PUBLISHER for usage, reproduction or reprint of the ARTICLE for publication with any other third party. The publisher may grant permission to the author for such publication subject to reference to Geospatial Media and Communications in such publication.

5. The ownership of the ARTICLE shall remain with the AUTHOR and this will be acknowledged by the PUBLISHER in the ‘ by-line’ at every reference to the ARTICLE.

6. This agreement sets forth the entire understanding of the AUTHOR and PUBLISHER with respect to the ARTICLE and supersedes any prior understandings

7. Any claims and disputes including the originality of the content of the ARTICLE from any third party shall be a responsibility of the AUTHORS to resolve at his cost and risk. The author shall keep the publisher indemnified against all such claim or disputes.

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of Government of India, which shall be referred to in the event of any issues arising as a result of the publication of the ARTICLE or arising out of this agreement. All disputes arising from or incidental to the present agreement shall be subject to the jurisdiction of courts of Delhi (India).

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