Be Disruptive or Be

The digital age demands constant disruptions. As technology transformations drastically cut down gestation periods, it’s time to ask tough questions and take tough decisions.


We are living in a disruptive world. Data is proliferating and technology is becoming more complex. From automation to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, customized apps to digital services, the sheer speed of technological advancements represents one of the biggest threats to today’s businesses. Business models that have lasted for decades are now becoming antiquated, pushing the industry leaders to constantly transform to open up new revenue streams.

Adding to this challenging digital landscape are problems like geopolitical uncertainty, growing protectionism and a volatile global economy. There is no such thing as an independent country, or economy anymore; our world is very complex, and it is going to get even more complicated in the near future.

So, how is the geospatial industry faring? How does it view the technology changes and subsequent disruptions? Is there a fear of an impending global economic slowdown? Geospatial World Business Leaders’ Outlook 2020, which comprises of a survey of 100+ CEOs and industry leaders from across the ecosystem, throws up some interesting insights.

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