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Geospatial Intelligence: The totally made-up term that’s changing the world

Around 2003, the U.S. intelligence and defense communities had a problem. Years earlier, we’d forced together remote sensing and imagery analysis with mapping and...
location data helps in site planning

How location data helps in site planning and revenue prediction

Advances made possible thanks to location data continue transforming business practices and processes when it comes to site planning. And now with insights from...
augmented reality

How can computer vision enhance a marketer’s toolset?

Marketers love technology for its ability to create excitement and make people feel part of something innovative. AR and VR have contributed to some...

Top Indian government projects that use GeoInformatics

Geoinformatics is widely used in mega infrastructure projects throughout the world. The Indian government also uses geoinformatics in a host of projects, ranging from...

Factory automation and environmental benefits

Factory automation, often referred to as industrial automation, is the use of control systems to operate processes without human intervention. These systems generally include...

Indian Aerial Photography Policy – A Critique

Many geospatial professionals are looking expectantly at the issue of the new UAV policy which, they hope, will open up the market for their...

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gis and mapping

GIS-Powered irrigation: the secret ingredient for yummy Thai food

Accurate mapping of geographic and geologic features of farmlands is enabling scientists and farmers to create more effective and efficient farming techniques, leading to...
location intelligence, spatial analytics

Integration of location intelligence, spatial analytics leading to informed decisions

With organizations now focusing on the where of things, the integration of spatial analysis and location intelligence is on everyone’s mind. This integration is...
power of maps

Maps provide agencies with the power to act

Preparedness protocols were severely tested during Hurricane Katrina. What could agencies within Louisiana learn in the aftermath of the storm, and how could that...

How GIS helped White House Utility District take more informed...

White House Utility District, a water utility serving 90,000 customers embraces change by placing GIS and location intelligence at the center of its operations....

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