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Zonar’s fleet tracking system optimise fuel consumption

Seattle, US: Zonar, provider of electronic fleet inspection, introduced a new patent-pending technology that accurately tracks fuel consumption along with latitude, longitude, time and vehicle odometer. Employing Zonar’s technology, fleets will now be able to easily identify the routes and lanes over which their vehicles are most and least fuel efficient.

Mike McQuade, Zonar’s Chief Technical Officer said, “Our unique sampling methodology accounts for route and driving changes. For example, if a vehicle is driving in the city with frequent stops and turns, the computer samples much more frequently than if the vehicle is running down a long straight highway.”

Adding further McQuade stated, “Fuel is the number one variable cost for fleets. Incremental decreases in fuel consumption can greatly impact the bottom line. With our telematics platforms, fleets improve their ability to measure fuel consumption and that information is coupled with a litany of other essential data elements including speed, vehicle health, and load to name a few.”

In addition to five-dimensional data sampling, Zonar’s telematics platforms transmit engine fault codes and verified electronic vehicle inspection data in real-time. This information alerts maintenance personnel to potential service events and provides the ability to remotely diagnose vehicles in the case of a malfunction.

Also captured and transmitted in real-time is a robust set of driver performance metrics including, but not limited to accelerating too quickly, hard braking, excessive idling, anti-lock brake system (ABS) activation, and roll stability control (RSC) activation. All of the data captured is available instantly through Zonar’s secure, web-based Ground Traffic Control (GTC) fleet management portal. GTC not only presents the data via dashboards and traditional reporting, but also employs push technology to send alerts via text message, email and screen pops to notify the proper personnel when a vehicle or driver is performing outside acceptable parameters.

Source: Zonar