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Zonal plans of India’s capital city to be drawn through GIS

New Delhi, India, 12 February 2007 – The Urban Development Ministry, Government of India, and the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) are teaming up to draw up the Capital’s zonal plans using the geographic information system. The Union Science and Technology Minister Kapil Sibal had put across the proposal to the Urban Development Ministry.

A presentation on GIS was made in front of Minister of State for Urban Development, Delhi Government, Ajay Maken and DDA Vice Chairman Dinesh Rai on February 9. Impressed with the possibilities of the GIS, Maken said that plans are now underway to draw up an MoU between the DDA and the Department of Science and Technology (DST).

Since all 16 zones cannot be mapped within the stipulated time of one year, Maken said that the most dense and congested areas like Karol Bagh and Sadar Bazar will be mapped first. Gradually the mapping of other areas will follow.

Apart from the mapping potential, Maken was also impressed with the monitoring and enforcement possibilities GIS provides. As GIS involves real time monitoring through high resolution cameras, it is possible to monitor violations of building byelaws and any other violations as they happen. He stressed that it would “add a new dimension to planning and enforcement.”

While the DST, would be providing the software, the DDA would need to come up with detailed photographs, physical mapping and municipal plans on the ground. This would then be incorporated with the satellite images to produce maps that would help planners in “producing plans which accurately reflect the ground reality of the area in its present condition.” The DST has also offered to train the DDA manpower in capacity building.