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Z/I Imaging advances photogrammetric workflows with support of latest generation of satellite sensors

Z/I Imaging Corporation, an Intergraph company, announced that it has extended its suite of ImageStation(R) software applications to include support for several imaging satellites. Using the ImageStation suite of photogrammetric products, customers can now process satellite imagery from Space Imaging’s IKONOS(TM), DigitalGlobe(TM)’s QuickBird(TM), SPOT Image’s SPOT, Indian Remote Sensing’s IRS 1C/1D, and EOSAT’s Landsat(TM) sensors for earth imaging applications. As a complement to existing ImageStation products, these new photogrammetric offerings advance the accuracy of map production and provide customers with a more cost-efficient means to produce maps than with the traditional use of aerial photography.

Resolution accuracy and lower price points are driving the broader use of satellite imagery in new applications and in smaller organizations and governments worldwide. The accuracy of one-meter resolution satellite imagery makes it ideal for applications, such as urban planning, data fusion with aerial photos, and the integration of cartographic features with GIS data. Additionally, today’s satellite imagery provides an effective means for organizations to more frequently revise maps, something they could not previously afford to do.

Z/I Imaging’s ImageStation provides a reliable softcopy production environment for the end-to-end photogrammetric workflow from triangulation to 3D feature and DTM collection to orthorectification. Boasting the industry’s most integrated workflow, Z/I Imaging’s ImageStation application suite includes innovative and flexible functionality for project and data management, scanning, orientation and triangulation, feature collection, digital terrain model generation, and orthophoto creation.