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Zero-Sum launches navigation and map app for Android users

Bangalore: Zero-Sum Wireless Solutions India, the global application developer and distributor, has announced the launch of ‘It’s NAV’, a navigation and map application on Google Play for Android smartphone and tablet users in India. The app has been developed by Zenrin DataCom of Japan, a pioneer and leader in GPS Navigation systems in Japan. Zero-Sum will distribute the service initially through the Google Play Store in India and is also looking at distributing the app through partnering with various OEM device manufacturers and carriers in India.

Zero-Sum has developed the content management system for the app in India and will also handle the billing integration of the app in India so as to allow easy expansion and integration with carriers and OEM’s in India. Zero-Sum will also integrate this application into various ITS (Intelligent Transport Solutions) that they are planning on introducing in India for which they are currently in discussions with various state government agencies.

The application incorporates various features from ZENRIN DataCom’s best-selling ‘It’s-mo NAVI’, navigation application in Japan. The features include an online navigation system that uses very little device memory, updation of map information on-the-go in real time without the need for users to download heavy map files, easy-to-read maps, simulation mode in navigation for users to preview routes, real car navigation system and easy voice guidance system and route planning function that allows the app to function like an on-board in-dash car navigation system. There is also an extensive search capabilities, that provides several ways to search locations, including search based on points of interest, address search, category type search and search based on surrounding areas. The application will support Android smartphones running on Android 2.3 and above and on Android-based tablets running on Android 3.0 and above.

Source: Business Wire