Zacatecas is hub of surveyors in Mexico

Zacatecas is hub of surveyors in Mexico


Mexico: There are approximately five thousand engineers and surveyors in Mexico and most of them are from the city of Zacatecas, according to the President of the AC College of Engineering Surveyors, Francisco Javier López Escamilla. He was speaking at the opening of the 11th International Congress of Engineering and Surveying, Geodesy and Geomatics.

The theme of the conference was “From Surveying to Geomatics, prepared to face the challenges of the future.” Escamilla Lopez said, “Today we have access to very advanced technologies, such as GPS, satellites images, and as a professional, we have to develop techniques to exploit these technologies.” He also stressed upon the need for strong academic training of local engineers in surveying concepts, traditional surveying and mapping.

The conference witnessed discussions on various topics ranging from simplest techniques for measuring land to digital image processing, satellite data with due credit to the role of surveyors and so on.