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Yuneec Expands Drone Payloads With E10T Thermal Camera

Yuneec has expanded its commercial drone payload offerings with the new E10T, an advanced thermal camera suitable for a range of applications. The E10T is a three-axis gimbal, dual thermal imaging and low light camera that Yuneec is making available in two versions: 320 by 256-pixel or 640 by 512-pixel thermal resolution. Each version comes with different lens options.

Designed to work with the Yuneec H520 drone, the E10T will be sold separately and available later this year starting at $4,999. The E10T builds upon the foundations of the CGO-ET dual thermal RGB camera, launched last year by the Chinese manufacturer.

The E10T camera takes higher-quality pictures and detects more detail in dark scenes than the naked eye thanks to its large RGB sensor. Using the dual video stream, users can transmit their thermal and video image simultaneously to the ground station and view the image as an overlay or picture-in-picture.

“The E10T is the next evolution of the industry’s first thermal and low light RGB combination and will provide commercial users confidence in an array of situations,” said Michael Jiang, CEO, Yuneec International.

“With its dual video stream on the 7-inch ST16s ground station coupled with the industry’s only user-variable speed control, pilots can confidently approach critical structures without concern of impact.”