Yreka City of US approves watershed plan

Yreka City of US approves watershed plan


The Yreka City Council, US has approved a supplemental appropriation recently not to exceed $10,000, for transferring the Greenhorn Park master plan from its current application to a GIS 3D ArcGlobe database.

The unanimous decision was made following a presentation by Dave LaPlante, owner of Natural Resource Geospatial, who, using the program, connected several ongoing and proposed projects that form a watershed to manage storm water flowing through the Yreka and Greenhorn creeks.

Following the presentation, the council approved authorization for landscape contractor Tom Hesseldenz and Associates of Mount Shasta City to develop a USFW Partners of Fish and Wildlife grant application on behalf of the city to plan and initiate restoration of the first mile of Greenhorn Creek above the reservoir.

In addition, the council agreed to authorize LaPlante and Hesseldenz to develop a Siskiyou County Resource Advisory Committee proposal on behalf of the city for a Phase II Storm Water Management Plan and Phase I pilot implementation.

“We’ve also identified a connectivity between the Greenway system and various key areas in the community such as schools, businesses, the YMCA and others, so that the Greenway can become, over time, a central, non-motorized transportation hub providing both park and transportation benefits to the community.” LaPlante said.