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Youngest CEO plans solution to track vehicles on Indian roads

Seventeen-year old Suhas Gopinath, who has become the Chief Executive Officer of a US-based firm long before his post is accepted under Indian law, dreams of developing a low-cost vehicle tracking system in the country. His firm Globals Inc, incorporated at San Jose in the US in 2000 when he was just 14, has a network of over 60 like-minded members across many nations. Acclaimed as one of the youngest web developers in the world, Gopinath has dreams of developing a vehicle tracking system which costs a fraction of similar system in the country.

“We are developing a GPS based vehicle tracking system that would cost less than Rs 5,000 and should be launched in one year. A similar system costs upwards of Rs two lakh,” Gopinath, son of a former defence scientist, told PTI.

With the launch of the new system, he can also sign agreements, which he could not do to undertake a software development project with Singapore-based Smith and Gale as the law did not permit a person under 18 to be a Chief Executive. Globals Inc is into web-based software, mobile and e-commerce solutions besides making websites for firms, but has a meagre revenue of USD 2,000 (Rs 96,000).

“We started doing commercial business only last year. If all goes well, Globals Inc should be a Rs 8 cr company in the next five years,” says Gopinath, whose ambition is to meet his role model Microsoft Chief Architect Bill Gates.

Gopinath, at a tender age of 12 developed his own home page, but soon the entrepreneur bug caught up like his role model Gates, when he set up a website ‘coolhindustan.com.’ Now armed with the confidence of thousands of young techies expressing interest at the recently concluded Bangalore IT.COM to join Globals Inc, the boy CEO plans to expand his business into offering networking solutions and embedded systems.