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Yext releases COVID-19 report with interactive data hub

Photo: Yext.com

The US-based search experience Cloud company, Yext has released its COVID-19 Global Search and Engagement report. The report will help in studying the impact of COVID-19 on consumer search behavior across industries worldwide.

The company has come out with this report after clients made 84% increase in updates in its platform. The upward trend suggest businesses are dependent Yext Knowledge Graphs to make their customers get timely and accurate during the pandemic.

The report has suggested an inclusive analysis of global search trends and consumer behavior related to COVID-19, with details by region, subvertical, industry vertical, date and more. This report also includes Yext’s interactive COVID-19 Search Data Hub.

This platform will help users apply custom country and industry filters to the dataset to go through search volume and behavior recorded during the ongoing pandemic.

As per Zahid Zakaria, Senior Director of Insights and Analytics, “In just a few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly changed the world as we know it.”

“Analyzing the search data we have from this period opens up a fascinating window into when, where, and why those changes manifest. From the swell in searches pertaining to grocery stores to the halt in travel queries, we hope that our data and findings will help businesses and consumers make sense of the current situation and what they might expect as the pandemic continues to unfold,” he further said.