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Yehliu Geopark selects SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3

Taiwan: Yehliu Geopark in Taiwan selects SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3 to establish an electronic tour guide system. This system is deployed to lots of handheld devices for visitors’ use to enhance tourist service for Yehliu Geopark. Located on a narrow peninsula, Yehliu features special terrain and geologic landscape from wave erosion, rock weathering and crustal movement.

Since, a personal tour guide is limited for numerous tourists at a time. Hence, Yehliu Geopark planned to launch a digital guide service, Yehliu Geopark Guide System, for tourists to better enjoy Yehliu’s beauty. The new guide system is a location-based electronic guide service developed by SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3. The guide system combines GPS navigation and GIS technologies to lead tourists and show them the scenic spots clearly.

As long as tourists have a handheld device equipped with GPS chip, they can travel with the designed route in the park. In the trip, while tourists are approaching the spot recorded in the system, the introduction to the scenic spot can be shown automatically. Therefore, tourists can obtain abundant and detailed narrations easily and quickly.    

Meanwhile, SuperGeo announced the name of its new reseller in Korea, iiTc Solution. It will promote SuperGIS series software from the end of March 2010. In order to comprehensively understand the capability and usability of SuperGIS serial products, Mr. You, Sales Manager, iiTc Solution, especially visited the headquarters of SuperGeo for product training.

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