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Yandex buys 10 mn sq.km of satellite images

Russia: Yandex, a Russian search engine, purchased high resolution images of 10 million sq.km of the Earth territory from ScanEx. All images will be supplied to Yandex in high resolution – 0.8m per pixel, informed ScanEx’s Vice-President Olga Gershenzon.

Images with comparable resolution (0.5-1 m) are available now on ‘Yandex.Maps’ website, however they cover mostly large cities, Gershenzon said. The agreement between ScanEx and Yandex was signed for two years and does not restrict Yandex to Russian images only, said Yandes’s representative Ochir Mandzhikov.

Meanwhile, Rosreestr (Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography) is set to announce soon the tender on the supply of satellite images, including those at 0.5 m resolution. The starting tender bid will be RUB 600 million (RUB: rubles). It is envisaged that in time satellite images of all residential areas of Russia will be posted at the Rosreestr website. At the first stage Rosreestr plans to update images of at least 5 million sq.km of the Russian territory, said Rosreestr Deputy Head Sergei Sapelnikov.

Mandzhikov said that Yandex’s deal with ScanEx is regardless of Rosreestr plans.

Source: ScanEx