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Xybernaut adds TeleType GPS to mobile/wearable computers

Xybernaut Corporation announced that the Company is offering GPS receivers from TeleType Company Inc. as a value-add component for its mobile/wearable computers. The joint Xybernaut and TeleType solution will be targeted to the land, air and marine navigation and tracking markets. Initial deployments will be focused on government, military, commercial/enterprise and individual/consumer markets. TeleType’s primary GPS receiver, the TeleType WorldNavigator GPS receiver, adds substantial value and functionality to Xybernaut platforms including Xybernaut Mobile Assistant V (MA(R) V) and Atigo mobile/wearable computers. This joint solution will allow enterprise customers to obtain increased situational awareness or knowledge management related to their day-to-day business operations, stated Ed Friedman, president of TeleType Co. Inc. The anytime/anywhere navigation and tracking capabilities of the joint Xybernaut-TeleType solution allows users real-time access to location and asset information. Providing critical situational awareness allows individuals and organizations to make faster and better decisions — which adds considerable value to the MA V and Atigo platforms.

Xybernaut MA V and Atigo mobile/wearable technologies support open source and industry standard protocols, such as hardwire and wireless communications (PCMCIA/Compact Flash/WiFi), Microsoft Corporation operating systems (Windows 2000 Pro, CE .NET and XP), application/development software and peripheral devices (through USB, FireWire and serial/parallel ports). WorldNavigator is a fully wireless Compact Flash GPS system for PC-equivalent computers. In combination with the included TeleType GPS software, the WorldNavigator GPS receiver allows travelers to navigate worldwide, in-vehicle, while walking, on a boat, or even in an airplane. The TeleType and Xybernaut combined solution will eliminate cumbersome wires and offer a completely integrated computing and GPS device. In addition, Xybernaut devices integrated with GPS receivers can double as real time tracking devices that can monitor and report the location of personnel, delivery vehicles, or assets.