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Xilinx targets Automotive Telematics Industry with new line of intelligent chips

Xilinx, Inc., announced a new line of programmable chips targeted specifically for the automotive telematics industry. Designed specifically for architecting automotive intelligence and infotainment products such as GPS navigation systems, DVD players, and in-cabin digital processing and imaging systems, into the cabin of the automobile and other applications demanding leading edge capabilities at extended operating temperatures, the programmable chips can be upgraded even after the vehicle has left the dealership. Xilinx expects the new IQ series of products to expand its penetration into the multi-billion dollar telematics market.

The new IQ solutions not only provide faster time-to-market for vehicle manufacturers, consumers will benefit from the reconfigurable nature of the chips as well. New functions can be added by simply dialing up the dealership and purchasing an upgrade over the phone and can be sent via a mobile phone link to reconfigure the in-car system. Automotive dealerships can offer these value-added services with little overhead long after the car has been sold.

Xilinx(R) devices provide vehicle manufacturers with the time-to-market advantages enjoyed by the consumer product manufacturers for many years. Manufacturers can stock one general purpose device in lieu of many application specific parts, thus reducing inventory overhead. And because the chips are reprogrammable at any point throughout the design cycle, automotive engineers can quickly and easily integrate the latest entertainment and navigation systems.