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Xiaomi launches drone in Chinese market

China: Xiaomi on Thursday launched its latest offering – drone, for the Chinese market. The drone comes in two variants, with full HD and 4K recording capabilities. The drone has a modular body which makes it easy to detach and service. The camera module is detachable too.

The MI drone comes with a remote control for drone operators. It also works in autopilot mode that enables it to take automatic take-offs, landings, and returns. The operator can chart the flight path of the drone which has built-in GPS and GLONASS support.

In the absence of GPS availability, the drone can use a special technology called vision positioning by employing the on-board camera and hover at a lower altitude of 2.5 meters. The drone is available with full HD recording capability in the market for $381, whereas the 4K video recording drone will set you back by $460.

The HD drone will be sold via crowdfunding on the Mi Home app in China starting today. However, the 4K recording enabled drone will only be available in July through an open beta program. Once known as a smartphone company, Xiaomi has expanded their product portfolio significantly.

During a Google developers conference, they also announced the planned launch of the Android TV boxin the US. In March, they launched a sub-brand called Mi-Ecosystem, offering a smart rice cooker as their inaugural product.

Source: Huffington Post