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WorldView-3 first images released

US: Digital Globe has released various WorldView-3 images from their collection of Madrid. It has also highlighted some use cases for their current and new customers.

With the availability of 30 cm super-spectral imagery, quantitative assessments of the state of highway networks (including surface wear) can offer precious maintenance planning information to national, state, and local governments.


However, owing to regulatory restrictions, the company is unable to display the 30cm native resolution data, so the shared imagery has been re-sampled to 40cm.

Jeff Tarr, Chief Executive Officer, said “We are delighted that even in the early stages of calibration and commissioning WorldView-3 is revealing new insights that will enable customers to address some of the most pressing global challenges."

Highly precise images of earth are essential for decision makers managing Earth’s natural resources. With WorldView-3 imagery, the company can automatically distinguish dissimilar colors, textures and measure change over time which is important for the energy sector, conservationists, and governments.

Source: Digital Globe