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WorldView-2 satellite captures Etna’s newest plumes

Germany: After the Dec 3 eruption of Italy’s Mount Etna, the WorldView-2 satellite has captured the fumarole plumes of smoke and gas that continue to spout from the crater. The satellite has the ability to see the whole area in one view. It shows the residue ash and smoke being carried north east. Mount Etna is one of the most active volcanoes on the Earth so is continuously monitored by the Etna Observatory based in Sicily. When it erupted last week, the spectacular upwards jet of lava from the Voragine crater lasted for 50 minutes sending an ash plume more than 3 kilometers high. The fountain of lava is said to have reached a kilometer above the crater. This was the biggest eruption since September 1999 when the volcano shot volcanic material more than 12 kilometers high.

Source: ESI